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Course of Study

B.A. Semester Course

1. A TDC shall be of Six Semester covering three Calendar Year. The schedule for Semester system shall be as shown below -
   (a) First, Third and Fifth Semester: (including examinations)
   (b) Second, Fourth and Sixth Semester:
   (c) Semester break :
2. Student's performance should be monitored throughout the Semester by continuous assessment in the theory and practical courses. Evaluation of the Students performance in each of the theory and practical paper will be based on the following.

3. Internal Evaluation should be based on two sessional examinations, home assignments, Seminars and library work in each Semester.
4. External Evaluation should be through a final examination at the end of the Semester.
5. The pass marks in each theory paper is 30% and that in each practical paper is 40%
6. In each paper, students must secure pass marks in both the internal as well as the external evaluation separately.
7. A Student who could not appear or failed in any Semester examination will be allowed to clear the same as follows :
   (a) First Semester with the regular Third Semester examination.
   (b) Second Semester with the regular Fourth Semester examination.
   (c) Third Semester with regular Fifth Semester examination.
   (d) Fourth Semester with regular Sixth Semester examination.
8. A students may be allowed to any one of the theory papers in the first, Second, Third and Fourth Semester and may be allowed for of marks in one paper in the Fifth Semester, provided the student secures less than 45% marks in that paper.
9. No shall be allowed in the practical examinations in any Semester.
10. A student must pass all his Semester examinations, including chances within five years from the date of admission to the First Semester Course. A student will get a maximum of three chances to clear a particular Semester.


Bechelor of Arts

Compulsory Subjects Major Subjects Subject Combinations Details
1. English 1. Assamese 1. Economics Student offering Major have to offer any one Elective subject and student pursuing General Course have to offer two Elective Subjects from among the combinations offered in addition to Compulsory Subject. B.A. course will consist of six semesters.
2. MIL - Assamese/Bodo/Alternative English 2. Bodo 2. Education
3. Economics 3.Elective Language
4. Education
5. English
6. History
7. Philosophy 4. History / Satistics
8. Political Science 5. P. Sc. / Mathematics
9. Sanskrit 6. Philosophy

Academic Calendar and Schedule for Semester System

(A) Admissions --June (C) Semester Break --January, 1-15 June, 15-30
(B) Semester I/III/V Classes -- August-December (D) Semester II/IV/VI Classes -- January-May
  Sessional Examination -- September   Sessional Examination -- March
  Final Semester Examination -- December   Final Semester Examination -- by June
          Announcements of Results -- by July

Note: Sessional Examination Programmes for each Semester both (Major and General) will be held on 1st of the month as mentioned above and will be noticed by the Academic and Asessment cell of the college.
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