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Internal Evaluation

Procedure for Internal Evaluation

1. The allotted for internal evaluation (20%) in each paper will be based on the following:
   (a) Sessional Examination I
   (b) Above would be 20% of the marks allotted to the paper.
2. Each sessional examination will be of one hour duration and be conducted by the concerned teacher of each paper. The setting of question paper, invigilation duty, evaluation of answer scripts for each paper will be done by the concerned teacher(s) as a part of his/her normal duty.
3. The college authority/AAC will fix the exact date of the sessional examination in each paper following the guidelines of academic schedule. Each sessional examination will be one hour duration and the students should write the examination in proper University answer books.
4. Although class attendance is not considered for Internal evaluation, each student will be assessed every week with different academic activities such as lectures, group discussion, demonstration session, home assignments, seminars etc. For such credit point will be awarded to the students for each paper and grading system will be introduced as per G.U. guideline. The final result of the semester course will be calculated on the basis of the grade points obtained by the students in the entire course.
Details of the credit and grading point system will be made available to students after admission.

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