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Teaching-Learning & Evaluation

Teaching-Learning Evaluation

It has been a constant challenge before the teaching community of this institution to understand the needs and interests of the students who come from a multilingual, society of a rural, tribal and economically backward area. Hence, the teachers take a very careful, holistic and balanced approach to promote education for better and higher quality of life. It has been our endeavor to promote more and more self-learning among the learners through brain storming, random questioning, group discussion, debating, inter-learning, project work etc. The college attaches great importance to receive students' feedback to improve upon the overall academic quality of the institution. Apart from the-final examination as fixed by AHSEC and G. U. at the end of each academic session, the college conducts Four Internal Evaluations to assess and monitor students' periodic performance in each subject. There will be internal assessment of 10 marks. However, G.U. Academic Authority made it mandatory that there will be internal assessment of 10 marks for each paper for Degree Class (6 marks for internal evaluation and 4 marks for attendance.

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